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Frank Succardi founded CyberTech Computers in 1982 as a summer job to earn extra money.  Back in those days he was helping video rental stores, auto repair shops, and even local bakeries setup computerized bookkeeping and inventory management systems.  He built custom systems for his clients and taught them how to create spreadsheets, layout documents, and improve business processes using the latest computer technology and knowledge.

Eventually Frank had so much work at his side job, that he decided to take it full time in 2000.  From his little shop off of Baca Street, near downtown Santa Fe, he closed over 5,000 trouble tickets.  With the help of his small crew, he provided network design and administration services to businesses and non-profits from Santa Fe, to Los Alamos, Espanola, and beyond.

Call today and find out why CyberTech Computer Services has been the go-to choice for Santa Fe businesses since 1982!


CyberTech Computers has been serving Santa Fe businesses since 1982.

Since then, we have seen many competitors come and go.

How have we lasted so long?  Well, we are known for our high level of expertise that lets us tackle difficult jobs and get them done in record time. 

We accomplish things our competitors just can't, and we do it in record time.

We have closed over 5,000 trouble tickets and we look forward to helping you with your business computer and web site needs.


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