SPECIAL: Non-profits and SCA members 20% Off

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We love working with non-profits and one of our favorites is the historical preservation society known as the SCA!

Non-profits and SCA members will recieve 20% off labor on jobs completed by 4-23-16.

There is a reason we are the ONLY computer business that has been serving the demanding needs of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico businesses and power users for over 32 years. 

Our award-wining service, along with high ratings from business associations, and high level of customer satisfaction, has ensured our continue existence while other, larger businesses have fallen by the wayside.

RIP Computerland
RIP Data Doctors
RIP ComputerMan
RIP Computer Medic
RIP (all the rest)

Call us today at 505-986-2001 to find out how we have outlasted our competitors and continue to be Santa Fe's BEST and MOST EXPERIENCED computer service provider.