Using Your Phone to Stay Fit


We use our phone for everything else, why not for fitness.

People are always looking for ways to stay fit, but there are so many distractions in life - so many more things to do and not enough time.  However, consider that without your health, you don't have much else.  How will you earn a living?  How will you take your kids to school?  How will you enjoy life if you spend all your time being sick and run down?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could track how much exercise you actually get in a day?  What if you could see your fitness progress over time to be sure you are getting the recommended amount of exercise for healthy living?  Would that help?  

Well, good news!  There's an app for that!

RunTastic and Google Fit are two programs I recommend for fitness tracking. Both programs track your movement by tracking your location throughout the day (or during the workout time).

RunTastic costs a few bucks ($5), but allows you to interface with a Bluetooth heart monitor, so I found it better for tracking my aerobic activity. It is also more comprehensive as far as setting various goals, and displaying various metrics in real time.

Google Fit is a great free fitness app that will help you track your activity, your weight, and other sports activities. It will help you set goals and meet them. You will be surprised how far you go in just your regular movement as you go through your day – even walking back and forth from your office to the water cooler back to your office, etc.

Having some real feedback regarding your workouts and efforts is really super helpful. It lets you know when you are slacking and what kinds of improvements you are making. Check out Google Fit and if you need more from a workout monitor, consider RunTastic and a compatible heart monitor. Google fit and RunTastic will soon be sharing information between them to make the duo even more helpful.

Good luck in your fitness efforts!